Friday, June 13, 2014

Gun Stuff

Despite the opinions of an overwhelming majority of Americans who are not members of Congress, this country has failed to enact any form of regulation that would even mildly inconvenience a deranged psychopath who wants to buy a gun. There are many subtle and nuanced reasons for this, but they all pretty much boil down to one thing …


Specifically, the NRA is spewing bullshit intended to make people think that guns are equivalent to freedom. They want you to believe that any restrictions on gun buying, ownership or use amounts to tyranny and the return of King George III.

And it’s working. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of Americans are wounded or killed by gunfire every year, we seem to think that waiting periods and background checks would be an insufferable atrocity.

Contrary to the slogan, guns DO kill people. To prove it, try this simple experiment:
  • Point your finger at someone’s head or chest and say “Bang!”
  • Observe the results.
  • Now repeat the experiment, but fire a loaded gun instead of pointing your finger.

See the difference?

(NOTE: The Tech Curmudgeon is not responsible for any damage resulting from this experiment.)

The NRA also wants you to believe that having more guns around makes people safer, despite the fact that every single death by gunfire occurs within close proximity to a gun. Regardless of how reassuring you might find the thought that everyone else on the subway, or on the highway, is armed to the teeth, the fact remains that when the guns come out, there’s almost never a good outcome. In the recent Las Vegas shooting, two cops and a licensed gun owner who tried to intervene were killed. In fact, the track record of good guys with guns successfully stopping bad guys with guns is damn near zero.

And as for the Constitution, ok, it protects gun rights, just as it protects slavery and unlimited terms for presidents. But check out the wording. The First Amendment makes no bones about protecting freedom of religion, speech, the press, etc. “Congress shall make no law …” But the Second Amendment, the one about guns, begins with a qualifier, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary …” and then continues in a passive voice: “the right … shall not be infringed.” Pretty mealy-mouthed. Maybe they were pressured by the NMA … the National Musket Association.

Anyway, the framers had probably never seen breach-loading guns, let alone automatic or semi-automatic weapons. So what exactly does the Second Amendment protect? Should people be allowed to plant landmines around their houses? Or carry tactical nuclear weapons?

Is a weapon that fires a round per second really any safer than these?

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