Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cat Wars

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about my cats, Puke Skywalker and Dopey-wan Kenobi. (Not their real names, but hey, what the heck? They don’t know their real names anyway.)

One day, Puke receives a mysterious message. The image of a beautiful woman appears and says, “Get down! You are such a dope.”

Puke, possibly because of the “dope” reference, but more likely because there are no other cats around, wanders off in search of Dopey-wan, in the hopes that she can help make sense of this cryptic message.

Unfortunately, by the time Puke finds Dopey-wan, she’s forgotten what the message was. In fact, she’s forgotten that there was a message at all, or why she went looking for Dopey-wan.

So they fight instead.

But The Force is strong in both of them. The Force is their uncanny ability to sense the presence of food, which, in this context, includes dust, plastic bags and kitty litter. Unfortunately, this means they can also feel the absence of food, which prompts them to tackle no less an opponent than Darth Feeder.

“Meow” says Puke.

“Mreep” says Dopey-wan.

“Twirley-tweet,” says Darth Feeder. “Your Peti mind tricks won’t work on me.

Thwarted, Puke Skywalker and Dopey-wan Kenobi have no choice but to keep repeating the same thing, hoping it will wear down Darth Feeder’s resistance.

It does.

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