Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Kind of Facebook User Are You?

Take This Simple Quiz
to learn what type of Facebook user you are.

What type of Facebook user are you:
Cynical curmudgeon
Gullible ad reader
Addicted game player
Inspirational quote poster
Everything-you-ate-or-did poster
Fan of George Takei
Cat photographer/videographer
Sharer of cat photographs/videos
Quiz taker


Josh Goldman said...

If each line was prefaced "Friend of a", I'd be able to select all of them except maybe gullible ad reader.
This is my fourth attempt to post this. If this posts, I've proven I'm not a robot. If it doesn't post, my secret is safe since you won't be able to read it. If this posts multiple times, it says something about me expecting some feedback like "Your post is being sent to the moderator. You'd better be nice to him".

Peter Davis said...

Your post was sent to the moderator. You'd better be nice to him.