Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

Once again, we returned to our favorite vacation spot, Interstate 95. We spent the first part of our trip on the Connecticut Turnpike, especially in the scenic and historic Exits 30 to 38 area. It was exciting to see the new billboards and, of course, the truck rear ends provide an ever-changing pageant of ironic commercialism. The hardy New England spirit burnishes all the attractions, even the sex toy and porn shops relocated here from Times Square.

From Connecticut, we travelled to the ever popular New Jersey Turnpike, Gateway to Delaware. Here the ebb and flow of traffic is punctuated by the succession of colorfully named service areas. How can you not feel pride at seeing such great Americans as Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson and Vince Lombardi honored with a Quiznos?

And of course what vacation would be complete without the thrilling displays of spontaneous stunt driving? We worry that this entertaining spectacle will be made obsolete by the technology of Google’s self-driving cars. Early reports give no indication that the autonomous cars will even be able to drink coffee or talk on the phone while driving. And will their robot drivers even have middle fingers?

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