Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As always, our tireless correspondents are scouring the globe, looking for things of funniness to bring you. These things may be informative or inspirational or historically significant, but their main distinctive quality is funniness. And, as always, if we can’t find events worthy of sophisticated, high class humor, we just make something up.

But once in a while, as today, we come up empty. There’s simply nothing funny going on. Or at least, not funny by our excessively strict standards. Of course, we set the bar pretty high. We don’t stoop to mere poop jokes unless they’re anatomically and scatalogically accurate. We don’t simply mock public figures (with the possible exception of that utter dork-wad, Anthony Weiner!) unless we can hoist them by their own petards, whatever those are. And we never violate our own strict pun control laws.

So with sincere regrets, we apologize for this meager content.

Hey! At least we didn’t leak your identity to some hackers!

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