Monday, June 3, 2013

The Fall TV Line-Up

The new fall TV line-up has been announced. ABC introduces new shows, Totally Nude Supermodels (Partly Obstructed Views), and Incredibly Good Looking People (Who Are Not Models) Doing Stupid Stuff, as well as the returning favorites Nearly Naked Models, Hot Babes in Skimpy Outfits, and Nightline.

In the game category, ABC will add People Who Have No Business Dancing.

CBS follows up the successes of CSI and NCIS with premieres of new crime-fighting procedurals INCS, CINS, SNIC and NCISSISSIPPI. New situation comedies include Two Incredibly Lame-Brained Idiots and Immature Men (Isn’t That Redundant?) 

NBC will be rolling out new episodes of Old Actors Trying Desperately to Revive Their Careers, as well as the newly retitled You’re Fired. (Research indicates the audience had trouble with the words “celebrity” and “apprentice.”)

MSNBC will extend it’s line-up with a new prime time commentary show, Cherry Picked News with Innuendo, while Fox renews its long-running faux-reality show, Fox News.

Of course, Fox’s real attention-getter is Seth MacFarlane's new prime time animated series, &@$# You!

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