Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Death and Voting

In her 1969 book, On Death and Dying, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross outlined five stages of coping with death:
  1. Denial ("Can't be.  I've never felt better!")
  2. Anger ("What!  Outrageous!!  I been waiting for the iPad 3!")
  3. Bargaining ("I'll eat really healthy starting tomorrow!  No, wait.  Monday.  I'll start Monday.")
  4. Depression ("Crap.")
  5. Acceptance ("Oh, well.  Better clean up my hard drive.")
In some ways, the Republican nomination race has followed the same progression.  Think about it.
  1. Denial ("Hey!  Michele Bachmann is pretty smart!")
  2. Anger ("Oh yeah?  Then take Herman Cain!")
  3. Bargaining ("How about Newt?  He had the whole Contract with America thing.")
  4. Depression ("Santorum? Huntsman? Paul? Anybody?")
  5. Acceptance ("Well, I guess it's Romney, even though he looks like one of those pictures that comes with a new frame when you buy it.")

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