Friday, February 4, 2011

The Social Network (song)

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I just joined the social network,
Hoping it would help me get work.
All I found was friends I never met.
Everyone told me their status:
How cool this is, how lame that is.
That's what's filling up the Internet.

Posts I just keep on receiving
From pages I don't believe in.
I don't care about your horoscope.
I can make my time productive
By doing something constructive.
All these apps will help me ... so I hope.

I thought "I don't see the harm, I'll
Play a few more rounds of Farmville.
Those pink baby pigs are fabulous.
Or, if that game gets too boring,
I can start Mafia Warring
Or devote my time to Scrabulous."

Now I see the social network
Is designed so you'll forget work.
MySpan, Faceberg vanquish tedia.
Now I've got an occupation
That's just like my dream vacation:
Marketing on social media.

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