Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I make check lists. That way, I can check the list, and check off things that are no longer needed. Builders, I've noticed make punch lists. These are like check lists, but more emphatic. I guess this is because builders are manly men who would never merely check something when they have the option of punching it.

So really tough guys make bullet lists. These are even stronger than punch lists. Each item in a bullet list carries the threat of death if it is not fulfilled.

HTML users have two choices: ordered lists (delimited by <ol>...</ol>), and unordered lists (couched in <ul>...</ul>). I'm not sure if unordered lists are anything like disordered lists. If so, they would be pretty similar to my check lists.

A check list is not a list in HTML, though. You can have a check box, but it is independent of any list membership. In fact, it's independent of anything at all. You can simply have an unlabeled check box all by itself on an HTML page. Here's one now:

So you can check things off without first checking the list. This is the kind of list I really need ... just a set of boxes that I can check off for any reason at all. I'll have to make myself a list like this sometime.

I'll put it on my "to do" list.

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